Toying with the idea of using Instagram to promote your business? You really should! Instagram is very rapidly becoming a key tool for businesses in 2017. With people spending more and more time on their phones it’s now a better time than ever to start reaching out to them. Many people still see Instagram as an ineffective tool for marketing however when used properly it can truly make a huge difference on your bottom line. We’ve been working with Instagram for a long time now and we’ve seen nothing but positive results. I’ve outlined 17 Key benefits of using Instagram for your business;

1. Instagram isn’t going anywhere

Earlier this month, Instagram announced that it now has over 700 million active users every single month since launching in 2010 showing an 16% increase in the past 4 months and over 40% in the past year.

What does this mean? It means that it’s got more than double the users of Twitter and since launching Instagram stories its surpassed Snapchat’s total audience by nearly 40 million!

It also means it won’t be going anywhere any time soon. With new features being released every few months and its audience growing as rapidly as it is, there has never been a better time to invest in your Instagram account.

2. Increased engagement 

Instagram is a simple platform, you see, you tap and you like. Because of the simplicity of it, and the fact it’s visually stimulating it shows much higher engagement levels per follower than the likes of Twitter or even Facebook. The latest study by Forrester found that Instagram content generates 120 times more engagement than Twitter and 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook.

3. High visibility of posts

One of the great things about Instagram for businesses is that posts are done in chronological order, meaning all your followers will see your posts. Unlike on Facebook where posts are limited, simply to encourage you to spend on Facebook paid advertising. Using relevant hash tags will also put your photos into a stream of traffic, so choose your h

4. Emotional connection

Why not build up an emotional connection with your customers? Get your personality across with your posts, put a personal message in your caption for your potential customers and sell yourself through your posts. You want people picking up on the impression you leave online. Keep it positive and people will be more likely to engage. After a while you’ll have an emotional connection with all your followers which will lead to plenty more sales!

5. Build up trust and rapport

ash tags wisely as you may be missing out if not using them properly. If you’re really good you’ll get put into top posts where everyone will see your posts, the traffic from this will blow your mind.


Letting people see what you’ve done in the past by having an Instagram feed full of informative and visually stimulating posts will instantly give people more confidence when choosing your business.

More interestingly, nowadays the more followers you have the more of a reason there is to a) follow you back b) keep following you c) buy from you. There’s a reason they have so many followers, the more followers you have the more you’ll attract and the more trust there is. Like a snowball rolling down a hill.

6. Connect with a targeted audience

One of the great things about Instagram is you can target your audience. When posting, people will usually tag their location or use a relevant hash tag. What this means is you can target people who you know will be interested in what you’re offering. Whether it’s by location or by having used a hash tag in the past. For example checking up on competitors location tag and engaging with their followers.

7. Build up a community

With engagement levels on Instagram being higher than any other social media platform, expect to see regular comment’s and likes. The more you engage, the more they come out. Eventually you’ll have a large group of people regularly commenting and liking your posts! The more of this that happens the higher instagram will rank your posts, increasing your traffic. Winning.

8. Visual marketing


One of the best things about Instagram is the fact that it’s visually stimulating. Ever heard the expression “A picture speaks a thousand words” it’s true! Why tell people what you’re up to when you can show them and tell them what they need to know, let their imagination flow and  generate engagement with people.

9. Reach new audiences

By generating interesting and engaging content and using the right hash tags, you’ll be able to position your posts in places where new people can see. Keep the posts engaging and you’ll convert impressions into followers and then convert followers into buyers. Your Instagram posts aren’t purely to entice your own followers!

10. Re-use customer posts

One of the great things about Instagram is that you can a) re-use your old posts and b) Use customer posts. “Work smart, not hard” expression comes to mind. If you’re doing something similar or selling the same product you can easily use one of your previous posts to generate engagement. Generally If it worked well 6 months ago it will work well now. Re-post user generated content is a really great way of generating engagement. People respond well to having their post re-used and you can use it as a form of PR to show people how great you are.

11. Drive traffic to your site

With an ever growing Instagram account comes a whole load of clicks, not just on previous posts but also website clicks. When people stumble across an interesting brand online their curiosity will kick in. Instagram doesn’t yet have clickable links in posts however you are able to put a link to your website in your Bio. Using call- to- act’s like “Click the link in the description to find out more…” on your post will dramatically increase your website clicks through Instagram.. It’s simple yet effective.

12. SEO Benefits

One of the less commonly known benefits of Instagram is its ability to boost your search ranking on Google. Hash tags work in a similar way to Key words with search engines, using the correct hash tags on your posts will do wonders for your SEO. (SEO or Search Engine Optimisation) . Find hash tags which are relevant to your brand and better still if they’re popular ones. For example if you Google “Beyonce” her Social media profiles will come up first. You should also use the link in your profile to redirect traffic.

13. Fuel your other marketing channels

Again, “Work smart, not hard “comes into play here. Instagram is owned by Face book and linked to several different social media platforms, meaning when you post to Instagram, you’re also given the option to post to these as well. Why not use it to boost your other social media platforms as well.

14. Instagram converts

Combining all the above benefits like building an emotional connection with the customers, building up rapport and building trust, providing your posts are decent enough, will lead to converting followers into buyers. Also people will be able to see history behind the brand and get a better feel for what they’re getting into which will only encourage sales.

15. Generate sales

With a decent Instagram campaign, you’ll generate sales. As I mentioned, Instagram converts, and by positioning posts correctly and making them informative you’ll reach a whole new audience and take advantage of thousands of impressions.

16. Track everything using analytics

Instagram recently added Insights for Businesses pages, this means you can be smart with your marketing.  The analytics they provide will tell you; location of followers, age groups, sex, weekly impressions, page views, website clicks, email clicks, call clicks and more. Don’t waste time marketing blindly. You can also track the insights for each post so you can see exactly what’s working and what’s not.

17. Targeted Ads

Want to push your businesses even harder on Instagram? They’re recently added paid advertising for Businesses. Using geographic positioning and age groups you can choose where you put your posts and who will see them. Paid adverts will be visible to anyone within that category and not just people who follow you. You can also create a shopping feed on instagram too!

Make more Money

Combining every single one of these points will only lead to one thing, making more money! Instagram marketing is much more cost effective than conventional advertising, why would you not want to engage with customers directly or reach out to them on a daily basis and be able to track it all? Why would you not want to gain thousands of your own followers to market to? Instagram really has a lot of potential for any business if used correctly.


By Jamie Lees

Founder of Braw Nation